Electrical Testing and Tagging

Electrical Testing and Tagging

Electrical test tagging is a process that determines if of your electrical tools and appliances are in good working order and are safe for regular day to day use.

What needs to be Tested & Tagged?

It is important that you get your electrical equipment test tagged regularly.

Passing the tests means that your equipment is functioning optimally and is safe to work with. If you need someone to perform electrical testing and tagging on your appliances, contact Tasman Sparkies today.

As with all electricians in New Zealand, Tasman Sparkies is strictly compliant with the AS/NZS 3760 standard for performing electrical test tagging in Nelson.

We believe that all office equipment, especially items that use a power cord, must undergo test tagging.

We prioritise computers, power tools, extension cords and kitchen appliances. These have the highest potential to cause problems due to a short circuit or even become a fire hazard.

Electrical regulations dictate that all appliances should be fit for use, and Tasman Sparkies agrees. It is good practice to have electronic testing and tagging done regularly because aside from being safe, it also ensures that your appliances are running correctly. Worn or faulty electrical components can often cause an increase in electricity usage, which most often leads to short circuit situations.

  • Computers / office equipment
  • Power tools
  • Extension cords
  • Kitchen appliances
What do we offer

Our highly qualified staff, by using advanced PAT (portable appliance tester), provides all the necessary tests to make sure your equipment (including 3 phase) is safe and compliant to OSH duty of care standards.

Each tested item gets a printed barcode for recognition. The details of the tested equipment are in safe storage and we can add further information for items, i.e. serial numbers, etc., for added security. We also make a back-up for every result as an extra precaution.

Electrical Testing and Tagging Services Nelson

Tasman Sparkies are your go-to test and tagging provider as well as your electrical contractor

The barcode/tag gives the item a plant number, workplace name, test date and when the next test is due. The next time we come to test the equipment we simply scan the tag and all the device’s information is pulled up on the tester ready for immediate testing.

Once the tests are complete, we save the results in a computer generated log book and asset register for reference, of which we can supply a copy if required. Electrical tagging can only take place once we have completed the test on the equipment. Any equipment found to be faulty we can either repair on site or advise on the repairs required and what steps to take. We can also email you when the next tests are due.

In Nelson, Tasman Sparkies are your go-to test and tagging provider as well as your electrical contractor. We use modern methods, modern equipment and our keen eyes for electrical issues to deliver quality, efficient services.

Get in touch with our team today to schedule tests and tagging. We look forward to working with you soon.